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Alki Kayak Tours
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Hours: 10am-Sunset

1660 Harbor Ave SW
Seattle, WA, 98116
United States

(206) 953-0237

Sea kayak tours and stand up paddleboard rentals in Seattle, WA.  Enjoy one of our many tours or rent a kayak, stand up paddleboard, bike or a pair inline skates.  Open daily in the summer.

Sea Kayak Rescue & Recovery

$89 Per Person - 2.5 hour course

The essential safety skills all kayakers should know! Sure kayaking is fun, but what happens if you or others find yourself out of your boat in the water? Learn how to rescue yourself and others with the essential skills and knowledge all kayakers should have.  We will focus on learning:

  • Wet exit

  • Self rescues such as the paddle float

  • Assisted rescues such as the T-rescue

  • Low and high brace to prevent a capsize

  • Group management and on water safety

This is an immersion class with the majority of class time spent in the water. Personal care is key, so make sure you call ahead for advice on how to best prepare with gear and clothing to fully enjoy the class!


West Seattle Location: 1660 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126 • (206) 953-0237