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Sea Kayak Advanced Boat Handling

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 6 hours

Calendar Availability: Saturdays

Adult min 2, max 4

Learn the Essential Skills to Become a Coastal Kayaker!

So, you have learned and been on the water enough to move your sea kayak effectively and efficiently? Is the possibility of going into the water not a daunting development due to your ability to self-rescue and assist others with confidence? Now is the time to push some boundaries and develop your skills. Edging, high bracing, and advanced turning techniques are just some of the skills presented in this class. The goal of this class is to develop and perfect skills needed to take the enthusiast confidently and safely to the next level. Video evaluation is utilized to critique paddle technique and provide productive building blocks for advancement. This class is designed to address needs of those looking to become one with the water and provide path to ability/skills development and personal discovery.

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